Android Pay

Explained: How to Get Android Pay on Your Phone

Android Pay is Google’s new payment service app. If you tap your phone with Android Pay on any NFC payment terminal, like those at McDonald’s, Whole Foods, or Macy’s, you can easily make a payment. You’ve probably heard about it on the news or even as far back as May when Google first announced it, but you still don’t have it on your phone. Thanks to Google’s bizarrely slow rollout, you have two choices: you can either wait for it to sluggishly rollout, or you can follow this guide (albeit at your own risk) to get it on your phone right now.


How Does the iPhone 6S Battery Compare to Older iPhones?

The iPhone 6S that Phil Schiller announced yesterday during Apple’s special event is an amazing phone by almost every count. 3D Touch is nothing short of an engineering marvel and live photos is a wonderful software addition to have – without a doubt. But one thing we really didn’t hear Apple talk about is the battery life of the device? So what gives? Battery life is an important metric for almost everyone – no one likes a dead battery in the middle of their day.

Metal Gear Solid V

Metal Gear Solid V Has a Bug That Corrupts Your Save Game

Have you spent hundreds of hours on Metal Gear Solid V yet, like one of our editors did? Then you might want to pay close attention, as Konami announced there’s a fairly specific bug that could make you lose all your progress in the game. The announcement that Konami made was short, but basically, don’t use Quiet as a buddy during Missions 29 or 42 or you’ll end up with a corrupt save file. This bug isn’t PC specific either, as it affects everything from last gen consoles to Xbox One, PS4, and Steam.


You Can Now Disable Automatic App Updates in Windows 10

Consider it a compromise – if you’re on Windows 10 Home, you still can’t choose to defer upgrades for Windows as an operating system, but thanks to a new change from the folks up at Redmond, you can now at least turn off automatic app updates from the Windows Store. It’s been no secret that the forced automatic updates, which was first discovered buried deep inside the end user license agreement (that thing you always click “agree” for) proved to be wildly unpopular, and while this isn’t a complete reversal on Microsoft’s part, it does show that they’ve at least been […]


MSI Shows off GTX 980 Ti Lightning at PAX

Finally after being teased for weeks, it looks like we’re going to see a GTX 980 Ti Lightning card by MSI. As with most, if not all, 980 Tis, this is a dual slot card, which means case compatibility should be pretty typical, fitting almost every ATX case, assuming it can handle a triple fan card. What’s not typical about this card is the clock speed, however. The base clock speed for this card comes in at 1203Mhz with a boost clock of 1304Mhz.


Facebook Rolls out M, A Personal Assistant in Messenger

Expanding upon the idea of using Messenger as a platform, Facebook’s David Marcus made a public post today introducing M (previously rumored to be called Moneypenny), a personal assistant with a “human element” that lives inside the company’s Messenger app. M simulates a conversation with you on Messenger by asking multiple follow-up questions to further pinpoint and complete the task at hand. M has to compete with Siri and Google Now, but a group of Facebook employees will train M to keep it on its virtual toes.

Windows Update

Microsoft Releases Emergency Windows Update

Like clockwork, Microsoft always releases Windows updates every month during a Tuesday. And many of you, fed up by the constant need to restart your computer, put them off like you would put off studying a college final. But when there’s an update out of schedule like this one, you know a few alarm bells have gone off over at Microsoft HQ. And they have – which means you should probably fire up Windows Update.

Electric doesn't mean compromise anymore.

Tesla Plans New Roadster and Model S Speed

Tesla, in a phone conference today with the press, announced the new specifications of its Model S P90D, the successor to its P85D. Ludicrous speed, a Spaceball reference, ushers an impressive 0-60 at 2.8 seconds with a new power management technology, analogous to sport mode in performance cars. The extra performance comes from a new fuse software/hardware bundle that uses real time analytics.